LePage’s Sabotage

This week, Governor Paul LePage did something we’ve never seen before in our party – he willingly gave up a state senate seat, and possibly our Republican majority in the senate- to the Democrats.

LePage actively campaigned against two sitting Republican legislators. Fortunately, Rep. Joyce Maker won her race in Washington County. Another Republican lawmaker, Linda Baker, was defeated.

Linda Baker is an excellent senator. She had the support of the state senate leadership, ranging from the most conservative to the most moderate. But because of his spiteful and reckless tendencies, Paul LePage sabotaged her campaign by running a fringe candidate against her in a primary.

Let’s be clear: Paul LePage and his team know very well that Democrats will now win this senate seat. And because of the tough environment ahead for Republicans in this presidential election year, this puts control of the entire senate in jeopardy.

Paul LePage has been an utter embarrassment to the Maine Republican Party. From attempted tax hikes to no-bid crony contracts for plagiarized reports, Paul LePage has done a terrible job as chief executive of this state. He has abandoned GOP principles at every turn. He has hired family members and campaign cronies into his administration. He has wasted taxpayer dollars on frivolous lawsuits and ill-conceived misinterpretations of the law. And time after time, his absurd, false, and bigoted statements havemade Maine the laughing stock of the nation.

Despite all of this, despite being the most unpopular political figure in Maine and one of the most disliked governors in America, many Republicans have stayed by his side, willing to put their integrity on the line in order to stay loyal to the party. All the while, Paul LePage has done everything he possibly could to undermine his fellow Republicans.

LePage has called Republican legislators ‘socialists’. He’s called them ‘corrupt’. He’s campaigned against them, and even placed false robocalls to their districts to malign their reputations.

And now, he’s deliberately unseated an excellent Republican state senator, and handed her seat to a Democrat.

Get Right Maine was launched as an effort to wake Republicans up to the looming danger of this kind of reckless politics. Our party has a proud and strong tradition that is being trampled on by this governor. Republicans cannot continue to stand by as Paul LePage lays waste to our party.

This week’s actions prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Paul LePage is actively working to undermine the Maine Republican Party. All signs indicate he will continue to sabotage our party throughout this critical election season. It’s time for us to stand up against him. It’s time for Republican legislators to marginalize this governor and prevent him from doing more harm to Maine and to our party. The only way this will happen is if peoplespeak up.

You can help by joining our cause. Email me directly atlance.dutson@gmail.com and let’s talk about how you can help.

We urge you to speak up. Now. Before any more damage is done.

Thank you as always for your support,

Lance Dutson
Get Right Maine