Statement on the Maine Republican Party’s failed referendum effort

WEST FALMOUTH – Get Right Maine tonight released the following statement on the Maine Republican Party’s failed referendum effort. As reported by the Bangor Daily News, the Maine GOP failed to get the required number of signatures to place the referendum on the ballot, despite spending tens of thousands of dollars on the effort.

Several months ago, Rick Bennett and the Maine Republican Party took an aggressive action to usurp the policymaking role of fellow Republicans in the legislature. In a move Bennett himself characterized as “highly unusual”, the state party put aside their responsibility to elect Republicans and instead squandered tens of thousands of donor dollars and countless hours of staff time to carry out a vendetta against fellow Republicans on behalf of the Governor.

Bennett was warned of both the futility of his efforts and the inappropriateness of his actions. Nevertheless, he and his staff focused their efforts away from their sole charter of helping Republicans get elected. As a result, the party is now financially weaker, and precious months have been wasted in preparation for a difficult election cycle in 2016.

The Maine Republican Party needs to refocus its efforts on its sole mission – to elect Republicans to the legislature, and to support the presidential and congressional elections. The Maine Republican Party has no business trying to make policy, and it is not meant to be a tool of the Governor’s malice toward his fellow Republicans in the legislature.