Does honesty matter?

Dear friends,

Remember that “back room deal” budget that we heard so much about?

Here’s what Governor LePage had to say about it:

“I have no clue what they’re passing, what they’re not passing”

Secretive, late-night decisions made under the cover of darkness and behind locked doorsresulted in a budget deal based on the best interests of a handful of politicians, not what is best for the people of Maine”

The Governor even made the claim that his fellow Republicans in the legislature “checked their character and integrity at the door” when they negotiated the budget.

Well, funny thing. It turns out there was no back-room deal. The Governor’s office was integrally involved with the process the whole time. And the Governor’s office even helped legislative leaders put it together.

The Portland Press Herald is reporting that the LePage Administration was directly involved in the negotiations.  Here’s an example email from a LePage senior staffer showing the Administration’s participation:

All the rhetoric from this Administration about “back rooms deals” was untrue.

As Republicans, when we see this kind of thing, we have to ask ourselves – Does honesty matter anymore?

Is party loyalty more important than honesty from our public officials?

The more Republicans we talk to lately, the more clear it is that this type of nonsenseneeds to stop. We can’t be the party known for dishonesty. We can’t be the party known for crass behavior. We can’t be the party known for bad government.

Every week it seems a new revelation comes that casts a negative light on our party. If we are going to win elections in the future, we need to put an end to this.

It’s time for Republicans to take a stand for the things we believe in.

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