Do Southern Mainers welcome corruption?

Recently, Governor LePage sent a hand-written message to a constituent claiming that Southern Mainers “exploit those who are not so fortunate” and “welcome corruption.”

When he says “Southern Mainers”, he’s talking about roughly half the people in our state.

This is our Governor. From our Republican Party. We all worked to get him elected,twice.

Take a look at this note. Would Joshua Chamberlain, Olympia Snowe, Bill Cohen, Susan Collins, Margaret Chase Smith, or Ronald Reagan for that matter, write such a note?

Believing in limited government and individual liberties is not enough. We must defeat Democrats in the arena of ideas, not in the ability to demagogue.

Politics is about addition, not subtraction. Telling half of the State to pound sand will only lead to another generation of Democratic control in Augusta. Government will grow; individual liberties will be infringed upon; and we can forget about responsible stewardship of taxpayer resources.

We as Republicans will be judged by the Governor’s actions. We must remember that roughly 62% of Maine voters are not Republicans. Our ideas must be sold to people outside of our party if we are to continue to win elections.

Paul LePage is hurting our future prospects of electoral success by senselessly alienating the people of Maine.

If we want to win elections in the future, we need this to stop.

Here’s the full text of the letter, and a photo of it below:


I bet you would like to see me resign.
You live in the south who [sic] exploit those who are not so fortunate, or understand the level of corruption that southern Mainers ignore and welcome!
Governor Paul R. LePage
P.S.- Not going to happen!