The Governor was right.

Dear friends,

Governor LePage took a strong stand for fiscal responsibility in 2013. He fulfilled a campaign pledge to pay Maine’s hospital debt back.

This is an example of sound fiscal management and strong Republican principles.

At that same time, he made another pledge: to issue voter-authorized bonds.

Here is what the Governor’s press release stated on June 14, 2013:

With $484 million debt erased, the Governor said he will issue voter-authorized bonds, including $51.5 million for transportation infrastructure improvements and $53.5 million for conservation, clean water upgrades, and construction and energy efficiency at post-secondary educational institutions.

“Lastly, as I have said all along, once we have our fiscal house in order, we will be in a position to release the authorized bonds. As a measure of good faith, I am hereby directing the State Treasurer to begin to prepare those bonds for my signature on an expedited basis. I will sign them as soon as this new Governor’s Bill is enacted.I hope she will act quickly to ensure our economy can get back to work,” he wrote.

It has now been more than two years and the Land For Maine’s Future bonds, included in the $53.5 million the Governor pledged to be released, still sit idle.

Governor LePage is right when he takes strong stands for fiscal responsibility. And he was right to keep his pledge to pay the hospital debt.

Now it’s time for him to do the right thing and issue these bonds before they expire in November.

Our party has always stood strong for honesty, integrity, and responsibility.  Maintaining the trust of the Maine people requires us to stand firm for those values now more than ever. When we make commitments to the people of Maine, we need to stand by those commitments.

As Republicans, it is the right thing to do.